Why You Should Buy Pyrilutamide Today

Pyrilutamide Europe is a new treatment for hair loss that works in a similar way to finasteride and dutasteride. It is also being tested for male pattern baldness in a phase III trial.

The manufacturer, Kintor Pharmaceuticals, is a clinical stage company that is developing drugs to treat androgen receptor-related diseases. Its pipeline includes GT90001, Pyrilutamide, and Destorsertib.


Buy pyrilutamide Europe is in development by Kintor Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of androgenic alopecia. It is an antiandrogen, which blocks androgen receptor activity in the body. It is in Phase II clinical trials and has comparable efficacy to minoxidil, a topical hair loss medication already approved for this condition. Kintor also has other compounds in clinical development for androgenic alopecia, including Proxalutamide (GT0918), Destorsertib (GT-20029), and KX-826 (pyrilutamide) – see the company’s profile here.

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Pyrilutamide (also known as KX-826) is a drug developed by Kintor Pharmaceutical for androgen receptor-related diseases. It has completed Phase II clinical trials in China and the US for androgenic alopecia. It has also been studied in prostate, breast and liver cancer. GlobalData’s Pyrilutamide LoA Report provides a comprehensive overview of the drug’s development progress and provides indication benchmark PTSR and LOA scores using proprietary data and analytics. Buy the report now.

PyriPure is a pyrilutamide solution in a propylene glycol and ethanol vehicle. It comes with a calibrated dropper and is supplied >99% pure by a professional testing lab.

Side effects

Buy pyrilutamide in Europe is a new medication that has been shown to be effective in treating hair loss. It works by blocking the androgen receptor, a protein that is responsible for testosterone production in the body. It is also thought to help block the synthesis of cholesterol, which can cause hair thinning. However, it is important to note that it can also cause some unpleasant side effects, such as a burning sensation.

The drug is being developed by Kintor Pharmaceuticals, a company that focuses on androgen receptor-related diseases with unmet needs, such as hair loss and acne vulgaris. It recently completed phase II clinical trials in the US for androgenic alopecia. In addition, Kintor is developing a topical solution of the drug called Ru58841 for use in acne vulgaris.

PyriPure is a pre made solution of pyrilutamide in a propylene glycol and ethanol vehicle. It is >99% pure and comes with a calibrated dropper for easy usage. The raw material used for this solution is tested by a third party to ensure quality.


Pyrilutamide is a new drug that is being developed for hair loss. It looks promising, but it’s not known if it will be safe for those who have already tried Finasteride or RU58841. It also has a different mechanism of action, so it might not work as well for everyone.

Kintor Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company based in Suzhou, China. It focuses on discovering and developing small-molecule therapeutics that target androgen receptor related disease areas. Its lead products include Proxalutamide, Pyrilutamide, ALK-1, and Destorsertib.

PyriPure is a liquid formulation of pyrilutamide in a propylene glycol and ethanol vehicle. It is available for purchase online and comes with a calibrated dropper. The raw material pyrilutamide (aka KX-826) used in the product has been confirmed to be >99% pure by a third party lab. It’s recommended to store pyriPure in a dark area and at a temperature of 0 – 4 C. It should not be stored in water, as the nitrile group will degrade with water.

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