Why Should You Invest in Concealed Carry Belly Bands?

While belly bands may make you think of exercise straps or maternity pants, they’re also an excellent concealed carry option for men and women of all shapes and sizes. Belly band holsters can be worn low or high on the torso, depending on your preference and the level of concealment you require.


Belly bands are an excellent option for people who want to carry but need clothing conducive to belt and holster mounting, like sweatpants, jogging shorts, or scrubs. They can also be worn with a waist-belt holster to keep firearms within reach.

These concealment belly band holsters are usually made of fabric and have Velcro fasteners, which makes them easy to adjust as your body changes over time. Depending on your preference, they can also be adjusted for a high or low carry.

The downside to fabric holsters is that they can get sweaty in hot weather, and the sweat can rub off on your weapon or magazines, which can cause them to print. Choose a breathable belly band to avoid this. It feels soft against the skin and won’t build up body odor funk over time. They are also machine washable.


Concealment belly bands work great for a variety of waist sizes. They can be worn high or low on the waistline and are perfect for small back concealed carry.

Unlike on-body holsters, belly bands don’t require you to untuck your shirt or remove your jacket to access your firearm. This makes them an excellent choice for people with busy lives.

The only downside to belly band holsters is that they can be challenging to get in and out of. Practicing reholstering with your weapon is essential to ensure you can do so without a hiccup in a stressful situation.

Belly bands can also be challenging to keep clean. They don’t offer a barrier between your gun and moisture, so they tend to get wet from sweat. This can cause corrosion or rust, and washing them frequently is essential. A trigger shield can help prevent this problem by providing a layer between your pistol and moisture.


When you use a holster that relies on clothing (like a tuckable one) to conceal your sidearm, it can be easy to forget it’s there. This could be a problem in a crisis where accessing your gun quickly is vital.

Belly band holsters, on the other hand, give you plenty of options to keep your firearm concealed while wearing your everyday clothes. They can be worn around the waist, at your appendix, in the 5 o’clock position, or even high up under your arms for strong or cross-draw.

The only drawback to belly bands is that they may require more steps — like untucking your shirt — than traditional IWB or OWB holsters to get to your weapon. But this is a small price for an easy and practical option that lets you carry concealed almost anywhere. This is especially true if you are a woman who wants to move comfortably and discreetly.


Unlike traditional holsters, which have belt loops and clips that limit how you wear them, belly bands can be worn high or low on the torso, depending on your preference. Some even have extra pockets to carry cell phones and credit cards.

They are also not model-specific and can accommodate a wide range of firearms. For instance, the Belly Band holster is designed to fit most common pistols up to a full-sized 1911. Its durable neoprene is soft and comfortable against the skin and can stretch to accommodate different waist sizes.

You can also use a trigger guard to prevent accidental trigger pulls while carrying in a belly band. These are made of Kydex and are slip-ins that you can add to your belly band or pistol pouches to help protect against accidental activation of the firearm. You can find them online and at various gun stores.

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