What Are The Benefits Of Wearing An Emerald Stone?

Emerald gemstone is one of the most exquisite jewels in the world, which is commonly known as the Panna Ratna in Hindi. The gem’s rich deep green hue, lustre, and transparency combines to make it a very alluring stone. This sought-after stone is highly appreciated and used in the jewelry industry because of its crystal-like appearance. And so it is used to create a variety of jewelry pieces in the fashion jewelry and decorative business. Some style-conscious individuals have even been spotted wearing large-size emerald gemstones in the form of necklaces and rings which look elegant at their best.

This stone’s astrological significance greatly increases its value in the market. Due to the widespread belief that gemstones have the ability to drastically alter the lives of those who wear them, this stone is very popular in India. Emerald is one of the Navratnas, the nine stones considered to be the most potent and dynamically powerful in the world.

Learn more about the Panna stone and see the list of the Emerald stone’s numerous benefits below.

Astrological Significance of the Emerald Gemstone

Every gemstone is said to be connected to an astrological planet according to Vedic astrology. Astrology suggests the position of the planets affects how our lives develop and go on. Mercury is the ruling planet of the Emerald Stone. Wearing the Panna gemstone will modify how Mercury affects you. It is advised to wear this stone by those who have negative Mercury influences in their Kundli or birth chart, as it will remove these negative effects.

The emerald is the May birthstone, thus if you were born in this month, wearing the emerald will have a beneficial influence on you and help you much.

Benefits of the Emerald Stone

The physical well-being, emotional stability, and mental balance of a person are all impacted by an authentic and original emerald gemstone.

The following are some of the many benefits of wearing an emerald gemstone:

  • The original Panna stone is known to endow the wearer with wealth and regal status. Success and a wealth of opportunities are also thought to come with it.

  • The stone improves the wearer’s communication and creative abilities.

  • Emerald gemstone strengthens the person’s intellectual capacity.

  • The emerald is renowned for its capacity to bring tranquility and harmony.

  • The Panna Ratna will guard you from negativity, whether it be emotional or spiritual, such as evil spirits, bad omens, manipulation, tension, stress, or anxiety.

  • Emerald bestows wealth and abundance upon the wearer as well, bringing success and a wealth of opportunities.

  • The cognitive skills of the wearer are also strengthened.

Healing Properties of the Emerald Gemstone

The emerald energy absorbs the cosmic forces around us and transmits them to our bodies, where they react by physically mending the individual wearing it.

Your sleeping patterns will improve because of the natural emerald stone’s vitality. Any infections or issues with the primary senses—the eyes, ears, taste, and memory—will be cured by it.

The healing of respiratory and neurological system disorders is another one of the emerald stone health benefits. The panna ratna also strengthens the heart and controls blood flow throughout the body. It also eliminates toxic substances from your body and helps you stay healthy.

Emerald Gemstone Price

The price of emerald stone in India starts from a reasonable price of INR 800 per carat. However, the emerald is one of the most expensive gemstones because of its demand and supply and other factors like durability, hardability, and uniqueness.  The emerald price can go up to INR 50000 per carat, and it may even go higher depending on the origin, size, and quality of the gemstone.

Weight, cut, clarity, color, and the stone’s fineness are some of the other elements that have an impact on Panna Ratna’s cost.

To Conclude

The mysterious Panna gemstone’s color is entrancing, drawing attention to its amazing appearance and its astrological importance. For millennia, people have utilized and worn the stone to attain success, royalty, wealth, and health as well as protection.

In the era of rulers and kings, emerald stones were used highly by royal people. It was used in the crown and royal jewels.

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