The 18 Best Video Game Trailers Of All Time

These trailers for video games really got people excited.

The trailer for a video game could be the most important part of its marketing. There are a lot of games that left a lot to be desired, but their trailers were so famous that people were excited for them anyway. Even though there have been a lot of great trailers over the years, that doesn’t mean that they will all be remembered.

Different people have different ideas about what makes a trailer really stand out, but it can be hard to argue with some of the creative choices companies have made for well-known games. Sometimes, it only takes a single note or a small picture to remind you of a trailer you saw years ago.

Super Mario Odyssey – E3 2017 Game Trailer

Super Mario Odyssey - E3 2017 Game Trailer

Even though it’s hard to forget any of the Super Mario Odyssey trailers, one of them really stood out because Mario jumped right out of a real T-rex. Just that one time was enough to make it stand out.

Jump Up, Superstar!, a song from the game, is also in the trailer. This song may be the best Mario song ever made. We also got a detailed look at the game’s many kingdoms and some of the creative creatures you’d be able to handle.

Left 4 Dead 1&2 – The Sacrifice Teaser

Left 4 Dead 1&2 - The Sacrifice Teaser

This amazing trailer for Left 4 Dead got all of you as excited as you could be. After so long, the original group of survivors was finally going to come back to the game to face the new dangers in Left 4 Dead 2.

With a wave of infected running toward the survivors, the name of the DLC, and Bill running alone to throw a Molotov cocktail at a group of Tanks, it seemed pretty clear what was going to happen. For a good reason, almost everyone had to play the DLC as soon as it came out.

Saints Row: The Third – 2011 Power CG Trailer

Saints Row: The Third - 2011 Power CG Trailer

This trailer is great, whether it’s because of the great song, the great CG animation, or just how well it shows what Saints Row is all about. In just a few minutes, it tells us everything we need to know for the journey.

Even though this trailer doesn’t have nearly as much humor as the end game, it does give us a few hints that lead up to the joke.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – 2018 E3 Trailer

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - 2018 E3 Trailer

To be fair, almost any Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer could be on a list like this. One of the best was the trailer that showed all of the characters that would be in the game.

It was a surprise when Nintendo chose to show the world its huge cast of characters. They set a new standard for fighting game teams by including almost 70 characters before dropping any.

Epic is one word a Nintendo fan might use to describe it.

God Of War – Story Trailer

God Of War - Story Trailer

Everyone in the world was waiting for any information about the new God of War game, so it’s not surprising that this story trailer got everyone excited. It’s probably so memorable because it showed what the first big change from the standard gameplay style would be like.

People like you were willing to grow with the games and enjoy a different way to play. This trailer made you and everyone else wonder a lot of interesting things, some of which wouldn’t even be hinted at until the end of the game.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 – 2010 Episode 1 Trailer

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 - 2010 Episode 1 Trailer

The length of this beautifully animated trailer is made up of Ryu vs. Wolverine, Iron Man vs. Morrigan, Chris Redfield vs. The Hulk, Deadpool vs. Dante, and an intimidating visit by Dormammu.

Because Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 was so popular, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 had a lot of hype, and a trailer like that wasn’t going to fail. It was amazing to see a new kind of 3D animation that was a mix of Capcom’s style and Marvel’s comic book look, and the fights were great, too.

Breath Of The Wild – E3 2014 Announcement Trailer

Breath Of The Wild - E3 2014 Announcement Trailer

It’s hard to believe that the first Breath of the Wild trailer came out so long ago, but you probably remember that amazing shot of Link shooting his first Ancient Arrow. Fans of Zelda seem to remember it very well, so it wouldn’t be surprising if that was the case.

When everyone left that trailer, they had a lot of questions. No one knew what to expect from the game’s Guardians, but everyone was excited to see that Nintendo’s latest game had a style that was almost like Studio Ghibli’s.

Dead Island – Reveal Trailer

Dead Island - Reveal Trailer

Even now, this could be one of the best video game trailers ever made. If you saw Dead Island when it first came out, you were probably as happy as you could be.

When the game came out, that might have changed, but that doesn’t take away from the art.

Seeing the terrible things that happened during a zombie attack played backwards just hit me so hard. Seeing how dark and hopeless the world of Dead Island was going to be was amazing, regardless of whether you liked Drift Boss or not.

Pokemon Go – 2015 Discover Pokemon In The Real World Trailer

Pokemon Go - 2015 Discover Pokemon In The Real World Trailer

Pokemon Go became such a big deal that it makes sense that the games had something to do with it. Everyone wanted to try it out after seeing regular people go out into the world to find Pokemon.

People from all over the world could finally bond over their love of Pokemon, as shown in the trailer. The thought of walking around to find Pokemon may seem silly at first, but the trailer got a lot of people very excited, so it’s safe to say that the trailer worked.

Bioshock – 2009 Beyond The Sea Trailer

Bioshock - 2009 Beyond The Sea Trailer

The games in the Bioshock series have always had amazing trailers, but one of the trailers for the first game was really something special. Even though the Beyond The Sea trailer didn’t show any game play, it did show off the creepy world of Rapture.

It’s hard to forget the sound of a familiar jazz tune playing as a character fights for their life in the flooded city. Just the first shot of the trailer, in which Jack floats down toward the bright city of Rapture, is enough to make it stand out.

Gears Of War – 2010 Mad World Trailer

Gears Of War - 2010 Mad World Trailer

Many people still say that the Gears of War Mad World trailer is the best trailer for a video game ever. It’s hard to argue with because the game’s scenery and sounds are so haunting.

Even though it looks a little old compared to most current trailers, it did a great job of capturing the mood of the world. Everything has gone wrong, and it may be that there is no way out.

We got chills when we saw the famous shot of Marcus standing alone in front of a scary creature.

Mass Effect 3 – Take Earth Back Cinematic Trailer

Mass Effect 3 - Take Earth Back Cinematic Trailer

People who were looking forward to the third movie in the space adventure series Mass Effect had some great trailers to get them in the mood. This computer-generated (CG) trailer made it look like you could play a movie, and in that movie, the Earth was the bad guy.

The trailer showed that the Reaper was a threat to Earth, but it also showed Commander Shepard doing what he does best, which is kicking Husk’s butt. There aren’t many trailers that could get people as excited as this one did.

Cyberpunk 2077 – 2013 Teaser Trailer

Cyberpunk 2077 - 2013 Teaser Trailer

We know that Cyberpunk 2077 came out in December 2020, a long time after this trailer came out in 2013. Even though excitement kept growing over these seven years, the first trailer is a truly unique event.

The game’s story is almost nonexistent, the animation is gorgeous, and the music fits the mood. Even though the game changed over time to become what it is now, the 2013 trailer was way ahead of its time.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker – 2021 Cinematic Trailer

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker - 2021 Cinematic Trailer

Late in 2021, Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker came out. It was the end of a long and emotional story. This cinematic trailer has six minutes of nonstop action that shows what players will be able to do.

Footfalls has beautiful animation, and the song really hits home with players. This trailer is a real work of art. It shows us a lot of important people who have been in the story from the beginning.

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Be Greater Extended Trailer

Marvel’s Spider-Man - Be Greater Extended Trailer

This great trailer for a game that was already very expected showed off a lot of Marvel villains and gave a clear idea of what a new Spider-Man game would be like. This trailer is great because it has a dark tone and a lot of web-head acrobatics.

It made it clear that Spider-Man will be able to move around better than ever before, and he’ll also be facing some of his toughest fights. Obviously, that’s exactly what happened, and the rest is history.

The Last Of Us Part 2 – 2016 Reveal Trailer

The Last Of Us Part 2 - 2016 Reveal Trailer

There are a lot of different views about The Last of Us Part 2 on the internet, but fans of the series can agree on one thing: the reveal trailer for the game was great. No one will ever forget Ellie’s song, which played over violent scenes.

When Joel walked in and asked Ellie a very important question, things only got better from there. Any answer could have been given, and the trailer would have been great, but Ellie’s words surprised everyone with how much hate they made people feel.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake – E3 2015 Trailer

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - E3 2015 Trailer

You might not have even known that the first trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake came out in 2015, but everyone who had been waiting for a remake will never forget it. After years of hints, it was beautiful to finally see Cloud and Barret in HD.

Due to the long narration, many people may not have even known what the trailer was for at first. As things start to make sense, familiar music starts to play, familiar names show up, and a promise made a long time ago is made public.

Even just seeing Cloud from the back was enough to get everyone excited.

Elden Ring – E3 2019 Trailer

Elden Ring - E3 2019 Trailer

The Elden Ring trailer is the last one. This epic trailer shows off the mysterious world, which was made by Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin, to get people interested.

When paired with Miyazaki, the mind behind Game of Thrones made people excited.

This trailer made a lot of noise, and fans all over the internet got more and more excited as they watched it. After playing Elden Ring, it’s still just as fun to watch the trailer again.

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