How to Save a Video From Twitter to Camera Roll?

Sometimes the most interesting and rare clips are found on social media. If you are looking for something fresh, lively, and full of fun in videos, look no further than Twitter. Unlike other social media platforms, you probably want to save your favorite videos. But saving videos from Twitter is not a pretty straightforward process. Now, many iPhone users have a question “How to save a Twitter video to my camera roll?”.

According to my experience, if you are an iOS user and want to save Twitter videos on your camera roll, these are the well-known methods;

  1. Use apps to download Twitter videos
  2. Chrome Extension method
  3. Use online downloaders
  4. Screen recorder method

Maybe you are familiar with these methods, but if you are a newbie, read this article to get accurate information about all these methods. As an iOS user, here is my own experience with all these methods. If you are interested, read my Twitter journey! 

Effective methods to download Twitter videos to camera roll

  1. Use apps to download Twitter videos

To download Twitter videos, using apps is a regular method. Many people use apps to download their favorite Twitter videos to camera roll. If you are an iPhone, iPad, or Mac OS user, you can try these well-known apps for downloading your favorite Twitter videos.


SSSTwitter is one of the best apps to download Twitter videos directly from its platform. However, one of the drawbacks of these video-downloading apps is that we need to install them on our devices. So, we need to worry about the device’s storage and more things. But this is a better app for downloading Twitter videos.


  • No limits to downloading Twitter videos
  • Also, you can save Twitter GIFs 


  • No free version


This is another popular video downloader app for Twitter die-hard fans. In my own viewpoint, it does not have any extra benefits. So, I can’t strongly recommend this app to you. 


  • You can convert videos into MP3
  • Compatible with any web browser


  • Slow performance
  1. Chrome Extension method

If you want to download your favorite Twitter videos on a Mac OS camera roll, you can use this Chrome Extension method without any doubt. This is a better method for PC users. To use this method, you just have to click the “Download” button offered by the extension under the video to save it to your PC. 


  • Does not need to install any app, software, or installation
  • You can download Twitter videos directly to your camera roll
  • Watch videos offline


  • Need a powerful internet connection
  • An effective method for PC users
  1. Use online downloaders

In my opinion, this is a better method to download Twitter videos on your iOS device without installing any app. It is a pretty simple method to just copy and paste the video link. No need to worry about the safety, the device’s storage, or the need to log in or sign up. I can introduce some well-known online downloaders for our die-hard Twitter fans.

Jihosoft 4K Downloader 

This is a powerful Twitter video downloader that is available for all iOS devices. And it supports a one-click download and you can start to download your favorite Twitter videos with a free trial.


  • You can convert videos from Twitter to MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, M4V, and MOV formats
  • Easy-to-use video and audio downloader 
  • equipped with a one-click download mode


  • Contain ads

By Click Downloader 

This online downloader functions with ease as a Twitter Downloader. And the prime thing is that it has advanced features such as a playlist, subtitles, and live video downloading. So, quickly give a try to this awesome online downloader! 


  • It supports downloads to MP4, MP3, and other formats
  • Comes with an intuitive interface and can be navigated easily


  • It supports iPhones but not supported for Mac OS device

Twitter Downloader 

Regardless, this is an amazing Twitter video downloader out now. I am always a fan of this Twitter Downloader. Because it has only features and no cons to say. And I strongly recommend this tool to Twitter fans. Try it quickly! 


  • You can download Twitter videos unlimited without installing any app
  • No restriction in the free version
  • You can watch videos offline
  • Single-click download mode 
  • This is a web-based tool so don’t need any app
  • You can convert videos into MP3 or MP4 formats
  • Most suitable for audio lovers
  • Completely safe tool and don’t need to worry about viruses and malware
  • Fastest video download tool
  • Easy to navigate
  • Does not destroy the original resolution and quality of the video


  • No cons to show

Y2 Mate

This Twitter video downloader can easily be counted as the best video downloader for Twitter because it’s entirely free and doesn’t even require you to register your personal details to use the service.


  • Supports unlimited downloads with no registration needed
  • No copy-paste is needed 


  • For smooth downloading, you need a powerful internet connection
  1. Screen recorder method

The iPhone has a special feature called a built-in recording option. I think every iOS user knows this method. You just have to click the “Screen recorder” icon. Then, automatically record the video on your camera roll. This is not a better method for saving Twitter videos so, I can’t recommend this method for Twitter users.


  • No need to install any app
  • No need to copy or paste the video link
  • You can record the video in a few minutes


  • The whole screen will be recorded
  • It decrease the quality of the video
  • You can not share the video on other platforms 


In conclusion, Twitter is a large social media platform and it has a wide audience now. Many important videos are commemorated on Twitter these days. So, if you want to save these videos on your camera roll for offline viewing, you have to save Twitter videos. But the main drawback is that it does not allow users to download Twitter videos directly from its platform. Now, we can find thousand plus methods to download Twitter videos on your camera roll. So, check out all these methods and select the best one for you! 

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