How to install ADB for Mac?

As a Mac OS desktop computer or laptop device user, you may want to install ADB on your Mac PC. Indeed, ADB is the best option for you to communicate with an Android device from a computer. From this tutorial, you can learn How to install ADB for Mac. Let’s go into detail. 

What is ADB for Mac?

ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is a command-line tool for you. That means you can use this tool to communicate with an Android device from a computer. It can be used to install and debug apps on Android devices and to access various development-related features. 

If you are the best developers who prefer to use Linux-based tools for Android development, this is the best solution for you. It helps to access the device shell, transfer files, and run shell commands. Android Debug Bridge is primarily designed for use with Android devices. No doubt, it is also available to use with other platforms, such as macOS. 

On a Mac, you can install ADB for Mac by downloading the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) from the official Android Developer website. Happy to say that then it is adding the SDK’s platform-tools directory to your system’s PATH variable. Once ADB is installed and configured, you can use it to interact with an Android device connected to your Mac via USB. Happy to say that ADB is generally safe to use. Also, there is a very easy-to-use interface and this is the highly recommended command-line tool that is used for debugging and development purposes on Android devices. 

Compatibility of ADB Latest Version

If you are a Mac OS PC user, you may want to know the compatibility of the Mac OS version with ADB. On macOS, the compatibility of ADB with different versions of macOS depends on the version of ADB you are using. Here are the compatible macOS versions for ADB.

  • ADB version 1.0.39 or earlier macOS 10.7 or earlier
  • ADB version 1.0.40 to 1.0.41 macOS 10.8 to 10.10
  • ADB version 1.0.42 to 1.0.49 macOS 10.11 or later
  • ADB version 1.0.50 or later macOS 10.12 or later

Examples of Fastboot ADB download Commands

  • Launch the ADB shell download: adb shell
  • Configure port forwarding: adb forward TCP: 6100 TCP: 7100
  • Copy files/folders from the device: adb pull
  • Copy file/folder to the device: adb push
  • Print a list of connected devices: adb. devices
  • Kill ADB server: adb killserver
  • ADB Install APK download: adb install

Install ADB in Mac – Easy Steps Guide

If you need to ADB Download on Mac, you can follow these steps easily.

  1. Download the ADB for Mac ZIP file for macOS
  2. Extract the ZIP to a location 
  3. Open Terminal on your Mac PC
  4. Install Homebrew by entering the command (/bin/bash -c “$(curl -fsSL”)
  5. Once Homebrew is installed, run the ‘brew install android-platform-tools’ command in Terminal to install Android Platform Tools
  6. After installation, you can test whether ADB is working by connecting your Android device to your Mac with a USB cable
  7. On your Android device, go to Settings > About phone and tap on the Build number several times until you see a message that says “You are now a developer!”
  8. Go back to the main Settings menu, and select Developer options. Enable USB debugging by toggling the switch to on
  9. Then run the ‘adb devices’ command in the Terminal 
  10. You should see a message that says something like “List of devices attached” followed by a series of numbers and letters. This means that your device is recognized, and you can use ADB commands with it
  11. Finally, You have ADB installed on your Mac OS PC, and you can use it to interact with your Android device from the command line
  12. That’s it!

Why do you need to Install ADB Mac?

Already you know that ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is a command-line tool. It allows you to communicate with an Android device from a computer. If you want to debug, develop, or modify an Android application or system, you need ADB. 

Now, you can download ADB for Mac for App Development. That means ADB allows you to install and test Android apps directly on your device. You can use ADB to connect your Android device to your Mac and install the app from the command line. 

Likewise, it can help you identify and fix issues with your app. You can use ADB to access logcat, a command-line tool that displays system messages and log output from your app. There is the best feature for modifying Android System. It means if you want to modify the Android system, you need ADB. You can push or pull files to/from your device, modify the Android system partition, and get many more features.

As another feature, there is a Rooting support possibility. If you want to root your Android device, you need ADB. Indeed, Rooting allows you to access system files and make changes to your device’s software that are not normally possible. According to the user records, ADB for Mac is a powerful tool that can help you develop, debug, and modify Android applications and systems. That’s why it’s important to have ADB installed on your Mac if you’re working with Android devices.

Final Words

Installing ADB (Android Debug Bridge) on a Mac can be a useful tool for developers and advanced users who need to interact with Android devices through their Mac computers. These are general guidelines, and ADB in Mac compatibility may also depend on other factors such as the specific hardware and software configuration of your computer. 

Anyway, this is a powerful tool and a highly recommended command-line tool to communicate with an Android device from a computer. If you have any questions about this software tool or the download process, you can comment to us in the comment box below. We are already bound to give you the best solution for you.

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