How to Draw Pusheen Cat Easily

How to Draw Pusheen Cat. Many characters have won a lot of love and fans on the internet. One of these characters’ most popular and iconic is the lovable Pusheen Cat!

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This round and cute kitty has won over fans all over the world and has been shown in a variety of cute scenarios.

Pusheen Cat may be very popular, but even with its simple design, learning how to draw Pusheen Cat can still be a challenge.

But don’t worry; with the right guidance, it can be made a lot easier! This step-by-step How to Draw a Pusheen Cat tutorial will show you how to recreate this internet symbol easily to Draw Pusheen Cat.

How to Draw Pusheen Cat

Step 1

In this Pusheen Cat drawing guide, we will draw her wearing a cute sombrero. In this first step, we’ll start with this sombrero before drawing Pusheen herself.

First, with some hard lines, draw the brim of the hat. Next, use a rounded triangular shape at the top of the brim for the hat’s peak.

Finally, use two more lines from the tips of the brim to the top of the hat, as shown in the reference image to Draw Pusheen Cat.

Step 2

In this s, step we will draw the entire body for the drawing of your Pusheen cat. Drawing the entire body in one step might seedauntingsk, but the simple design makes it possible!

His body is a round plump oval, and you can draw him with a curved line coming down from his hat.

Finally, at the base of his body, you can draw two small curved lines for the pads of his paws. That’s all for this step, so let’s move on!

Step 3

This next step of our how-to Draw a Pusheen Cat guide should be easy for you! Start using two curved lines on each side of his face for the resulting mustache.

These sit fairly high on the body and start below the sombrero hat to Draw Pusheen Cat.

Before we continue, for some spots on his body, you can also draw two small circular shapes on the left side of his body.

Step 4

It’s time to add a cute face to your Pusheen Cat drawing, so let’s do it now! Just like other aspects of Pusheen, her face te easy to draw.

His eyes are two small, simple circles on either side of his face. Then, between the eyes, you can use two small curved lines for the top of her mouth. Finally, there are another served line underneath for the lower part of his mouth to Draw Pusheen Cat.

Before proceeding, please give her a wavy ponytail and draw lines along it. You can even change the placement of the tail a bit if you like!

Step 5

You’re almost to the last step of this tutorial on how to draw a Pusheen cat! Before that, we need to add a few details first.

First, you can use two small rounded triangular shapes on the hat brim to highlight her ears to Draw Pusheen Cat.

Once the ears are drawn, you can add some details to his sombrero. We used some jagged lines to create a triangular pattern for the hat, but this is just one of many ways to do it.

You can mimic our design or decorate his hat with your patterns! This concludes the final detail, ls, but before proceeding can also add your own details and elements.

A great idea would be to draw an interesting background for Pusheen.

This would be a great way to show what a fun environment he is in! Pusheen Cat loves to eat, so maybe you could design some treats for her to enjoy to Draw Pusheen Cat.

Step 6

The final step of your Pusheen Cat drawing is to complete it with some amazing colors. Pusheen herself has a more muted color scheme, as she usually appears in a more muted shade of gray.

However, we can counteract this more understated look with her sombrero accessory, so it’s a good thing we added it! Lighter hat colors contrast nicely with their more muted body color.

If you’ve designed a background, you can incorporate popping colors for this look to Draw Pusheen Cat.

Once you know what colors you want to use, you can bring them to life with your favorite artistic mediums and tools.

For example, for more muted colors, you can use watercolors and colored pencils for this look. Stronger colors can be achieved with tools such as colored pencils and acrylic paints to Draw Pusheen Cat.

Your Pusheen Cat Drawing is Finished!

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