How to download Instagram videos on PC in Chrome

Technology is a creation of mankind that differs and develops from time to time. When you compare the very first computer invented in 1822 and today’s computer, you can see an outstanding difference between them. As technology develops rapidly, new inventions are usually seen in the market and on the internet. 

Social media is a creation of technology where you can be aware of social, political, and economic news and bulletins. Also, it stands up for entertainment too. Social media helps people to entertain and learn about themselves. It has become a platform of communication among communities. So, people can easily catch up on the latest situations worldwide. 

Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are the key social media apps used by billions of users. By using various methods, these apps captivate the users’ attention towards them. Instagram is an app that is created for entertainment and marketing purposes. However, its unique features attract people’s attention. But, Instagram throws us into desperation as it does not have a downloading option. 

What is the best solution available for this issue?

As a solution for this issue, by having the help of new technology, Insta downloaders are created. There are so many of them but choosing the best one is somewhat hard. By using these tools, you can download Instagram videos on a PC without any obstacles. Not only videos but also photos, reels, stories, and IGTVs. 

There are several online video downloaders that support the Chrome web browser. Instagram online downloaders are very convenient because you can access them without downloading or installing any software or application. Through this article, today we are going to know about 2 types of Insta downloaders that support Chrome. So, you can download Instagram videos on a PC in Chrome easily.

  • Instagram Online Video Downloaders
  • Instagram Video Downloader Extensions

Now, let’s get to know each of these types to choose the most suitable and satisfactory tool for you. 

Instagram Online Video Downloaders

There are countless Instagram online video downloaders that help you to download Instagram videos within a few steps. The only thing you need to do is copy and paste the link and click the download button. Followings are the best Instagram online downloaders that are created with the latest technologies. 


With DownloadGram, you can download any photos, videos, stories, and IGTVs easily in one place. The versatile characteristic makes the tool convenient for the user and helps users to download media with just one click. You can access this tool not only on a PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) but also on any device including any smartphone such as iOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, and tablet. It also supports any browser such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Dolphin, UC, CM, etc. With its several interesting features, DownloadGram online downloader has earned the users’ trust more than others. 


Snapinsta is another popular Instagram online downloader tool that works completely for free. It helps you to download Instagram photos, videos, and IGTVs easily and quickly. Without logging in to your account, you can easily access this tool to download your favorite videos. It is 100% safe as it does not ask for any personal information. Therefore, you can download any media securely and anonymously without knowing anyone. Moreover, Snapinsta lets you download videos countlessly. Also, it helps you to download videos in original resolution and quality. 


If you are looking for a high-quality and high-resolution tool, INDownloader is the best option you will ever have. It is a completely free Instagram downloader where you can download any kind of media without any obstacles. INDownloader is accessible on PCs, Android, and iPhones. It is safe to use and has a user-friendly interface. 


sssInstagram is an easily accessible Instagram online video downloader tool that lets you download media in high-quality easily and quickly. By using just one click you can download the video you want from Instagram. Also, it has a carousel download feature that allows you to download up to 10 videos at a time. This is completely free to use and convenient. 


This is a mostly recognized Instagram online downloader tool that allows users to download not only videos, but also photos, IGTVs, and stories in simple steps. You can download these videos in high-quality Full HD, 1080p, 2K, 4K, and 8K. SaveIG does not ask you to download or install any software or application. Also, it is compatible with smartphones (Android, iOS) and tablets too. It is entirely free and easy to access. 

Instagram Online Video Downloader Chrome Extensions

As Instagram does not allow users to download any media directly, there are numerous Instagram online video downloader Chrome extensions are created. Following are the newest extensions that can be accessed easily and quickly. 

Free Instagram Video Downloader

This Chrome extension is one of the best ways of downloading Instagram videos quickly and easily. It is free to use and supports downloading videos in MP4 and MP3 formats. You can download videos of high quality unlimitedly using this Chrome extension. 

IG Downloader

IG Downloader is one of the significant Instagram video downloader extensions that helps to download Instagram videos without installing and downloading any software or applications. You can download any size of video using this extension. It allows us to download not only videos but also Instagram IGTVs and stories. 

Video Downloader IW

This Chrome extension helps you to download Instagram videos easily and quickly. It consists of a lite “add-on” feature that provides an easy downloading process for Instagram web users. 

Web App For Instagram With DM

It allows you to access not only through Chrome, but also through Safari, Opera, and Firefox. You can use this Chrome extension on your PC as well as on your smartphone. Moreover, the Web App for Instagram With DM allows you to download Instagram private videos as well. 


With fascinating features, InSaverify is succeeded in securing users’ trustworthiness more than any other tool. It provides a button that can automatically download the video from Instagram. This button is located at the lower-right corner of the Instagram videos. 
Technology has made everything easier and smooth. For people who are worried about the inability of downloading Instagram videos, these online downloaders and Chrome extensions for PC would be greatly helpful. You can choose any of these tools to download videos from a PC using Chrome browser as all of them are reliable and efficient.                                                                                                

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