5 Reasons Why a Glock Trigger Kit is a Must-Have Upgrade

Glock Trigger Kit is a Must-Have Upgrade

Every handgun can benefit from a bit of customization. This includes upgrading the trigger to make it better than what came from the factory. A Glock trigger kit is a simple way to improve your gun’s performance. This upgrade will change how you shoot and feel, making returning to the stock trigger hard.

More Comfort

Whether a new shooter or a seasoned pro, a glock trigger kit can help you achieve your goals. For example, a lighter trigger with less creep and a shorter reset can cut your time between shots and give you that edge in competitions. There are many different options to swap out your factory trigger, but deciding your priorities is essential. Are you seeking a specific break weight, less creep, or better ergonomics?

Improved Accuracy

Many Glock owners find that even a simple trigger shoe upgrade significantly improves their pistol’s performance. This improvement is especially noticeable with a Glock trigger kit with a shorter reset, less creep, and a glass rod trigger feel. The criteria you use to evaluate a trigger are up to you, but most people will look for something lighter without sacrificing reliability.

Reduced Creep

The standard Glock trigger is functional but has severe problems like sloppy and indefinite creep, lateral wiggle, overtravel, and a spongy break. A third-party trigger upgrade can help you eliminate these issues and improve your trigger more than the factory. This trigger swaps out the firing pin safety plunger and disconnector to reduce pre-travel and make the action smoother and crisper.

It maintains a safe 5.5-pound trigger pull and short reset. You can choose a lighter trigger pull or go with a different geometry, such as flat-face triggers, but you must evaluate what kind of feel you want. It’s also important to consider how a trigger change may affect your gun’s warranty coverage. Some upgrades require you to disassemble the trigger mechanism housing to install.

Improved Ergonomics

If you find the factory Glock trigger’s thin polymer trigger to be mushy and lacking in crispness, this upgrade will make a noticeable difference. The flat face reduces trigger pinch, which can bother some shooters, while the smooth, curved bottom edge of the trigger helps your fingers stay in place. This trigger also features a shorter reset than stock and reduced pre-travel, making for a more responsive feel that improves accuracy. The trigger is adjustable to your preferences, allowing you to fine-tune the pull weight and reset distance. It even works with the Glock’s passive safety system.


Many trigger kits offer aesthetic improvements for those who wish to customize the look of their Glock Trigger. Additionally, some kits replace parts that can wear through over time. For example, the connector on the trigger bar is made of nickel or chrome-plated stainless steel and can lose layers due to friction. Some trigger upgrades reduce grit and over-travel by replacing the connector with an all-new component.

Trigger upgrades can also provide more precise adjustments. This can be done by polishing the contact surfaces of each part that touches during the trigger operation. The result is a lighter trigger pull without sacrificing reliability. The other common modification is swapping the trigger spring for one with a higher or lower pull weight, though this can impact reliability.

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