Demystifying Jharkhand Electricity Bills – What You Need To Know

Electricity is an essential commodity in today’s world, and every household and business depends largely on it. It is therefore essential that we understand our electricity bills to prevent any inconvenience and understand our energy consumption patterns. The Jharkhand Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited (JBVNL) is responsible for the distribution of electricity across Jharkhand state. It is thus essential to demystify JBVNL electricity bills and understand what they mean, the various charges, and how to check them.

Understanding JBVNL Electricity Bills

JBVNL electricity bills contain details about the energy consumption, due date, payment options, and charges. It is therefore crucial to understand these details to avoid any inconvenience and overpayment. To begin with, the electricity bill is calculated based on the energy consumption and the tariff rates. A unit is equivalent to one kilowatt-hour (kWh), which is the standard measure for energy consumption. The tariff rate varies based on the slab system, which is categorized into three bands. The first 50 units consumed are charged at Rs. 4 per unit, while the next 51-100 units will be charged at Rs. 5.60 per unit, and any additional usage will be charged at Rs. 6.40 per unit.

Electricity bills of JBVNL generally include two primary charges – the fixed charge and the variable charge. The fixed charge is the amount that is fixed and payable every month, irrespective of the energy consumption. This charge is levied to cover the operational and maintenance costs of the power lines and the transformers. The variable charge, on the other hand, is the amount payable based on energy consumption and is calculated using the tariff rates mentioned earlier.

JBVNL Electricity Bill Payment

JBVNL accepts various payment options for electricity bills, including online payment through their official website, mobile app, and other digital platforms like Bajaj Finserv BBPS. Additionally, JBVNL provides door-to-door payment facilities to their customers using their agents. They also have kiosks and customer service centers that offer payment services and other customer assistance.

JBVNL Bill Check

Checking JBVNL bills is relatively easy, and there are multiple modes available for the customers to choose from. The easiest method to check the JBVNL bill is through Bajaj Finserv’s official website. Customers can access this website and navigate to the billing section to view their electricity bill by inputting the required details such as Customer ID or Account number. This option offers a hassle-free way to check, download, or print their electricity bill for future reference.

Alternatively, customers can also check the JBVNL bill through the mobile app. The Bajaj Finserv app is available on both the Android and App Stores and can be downloaded for free. Once downloaded, the customers can enter the required login details and access their accounts and bills with ease. Apart from these modes, customers can also check their JBVNL bill by sending an SMS in the following format – ‘Bill Account Number,’ and send it to 5616195.

Another significant challenge is the accuracy of meter readings. It is no no-brainer that the meter reading should be accurate and error-free. However, in cases where the meter readings can be affected by weather changes, tampering, or any other pollutant that can cause issues, the reading might not be reliable. JBVNL is continuously innovating and testing machine learning and Artificial Intelligence-based solutions that can help them monitor the meters and read them accurately.


In conclusion, understanding and checking the JBVNL electricity bills is essential to managing your energy consumption and payments. It is crucial to pay the bills on time to avoid any inconvenience and late payment penalties. Additionally, consumers must also be aware of their energy consumption patterns to ensure that they are billed accurately. While JBVNL is doing its best to provide seamless services to its consumers, it is also the responsibility of the consumers to adhere to the norms and regulations set by them. It is hoped that JBVNL continues to adopt and implement innovative technologies and solutions to overcome any challenges faced in delivering uninterrupted power supply to the citizens of Jharkhand. 

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