10 RPGs From The 00s That Deserved A Sequel

These one-shot RPGs and series from the 2000s never got updated sequels. The best they got in the 2010s and 2020s were ports or simple spiritual replacements.

Final Fantasy, Persona, and The Elder Scrolls are all long-running RPG series with new games coming out soon or in the near future. Gameplay, story, and technical changes are always being made, which brings in new people and keeps old ones interested. Even series that don’t change much, like Dragon Quest, have made quality-of-life changes to keep the same feel while improving the fan experience.

Some of their friends from the new 00s, though, never made it to the new 20s. Even though they were popular at the time, some movies never got a remake. If they got any new games in the 2010s, they were either ports or inspired sequels that were almost nothing like the original games.

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