10 Best New Mechanics Introduced In Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 adds a lot of interesting new features to the series, and the following ten are among the best.

Final Fantasy has taken a long time to make any changes to how the game is played at its core. There was the change from 2D to 3D settings, the change from turn-based combat to “active turn-based combat,” and now the full switch to 3rd-person action combat. The switch from CG to in-engine animations. Every step took a long time, but with Final Fantasy 16, it feels like the change is finally over.

Final Fantasy 16 is great because it doesn’t get rid of everything that makes the series special. In the latest mainline game in the series, a lot of things that have been there for decades are still there. Even the things that Square Enix changed don’t seem out of place. Even though the new game features in the latest version of the franchise seem to break with what has come before, they fit in so well that we wonder why they haven’t been there from the start.

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